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my desk #at work

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fucking gorgeous song



Thom and Stanley mix and match street style :D

OMG!! I love it!

Title: Ambulance
Artist: Blur
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Blur- Ambulance

Title: When the Sun Hits
Artist: Slowdive
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Slowdive - When The Sun Hits


okay this is from spirited away and i think it is possibly the most beautiful thing.


via Gizmag (↬WebUrbanist)

When Swedish architect Karin Matz discovered a small space in Stockholm, which for over 30 years had been used for furniture storage, she was instantly inspired to transform [the 36 sq m (387 sq ft) space] into a multipurpose tiny home.

Using pine-plywood Matz based the design of the kitchen and bed area on an IKEA unit. Glass panels are used to separate the kitchen/bed/wardrobe spaces from each other and roller curtains have been fitted to the ceiling, allowing the kitchen and/or the sleeping quarters to be closed off from the living area.

Golden Hair was so beautiful ;~;

Slowdive - Golden Hair @ the wall, Taipei, Taiwan (23 July, 2014)

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Title: New Dorp, New York feat. Ezra Koenig
Artist: SBTRKT
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